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I built this platform to rebuild the community, to find hope in the mist of the darkness that surrounds us everyday. This is a safe place to escape, to dive into your dreams, your obstacles, your accomplishments and the thoughts that surround you. Here you will find Millennials finding their voice, speaking on what matters to them and the choices they made to create a better life for themselves. I had moments where the decisions I made confused everyone else around me, especially my parents, but they were decisions' that I made that helped me grow. The decisions you make in your life isn't suppose to appeal or to be accepted by everyone that is in your life. This life, your life is to find YOUR purpose, YOUR voice and to go after YOUR dreams. I want to end this life with zero regrets. I want to be fulfilled in knowing that I have completed everything I have ever dreamed of and to know that I have helped others do the same. So with that being said I created this platform for YOU. For the colored little boy, the colored little girl within you. Make yourself proud by completing the dreams you put off because you didn't have a clue how to get started or where to even start. I'm here to tell you that the time is now. Today is where you will start building your business, where your dreams will start to align, where your confidence in yourself will start to shine. Now is the time to do everything you have ever dreamed of.  Now is your time to shine, your time to thrive and most importantly your time to start TRUSTING YOURSELF. You know what to do, I'm just here to push you to do. 

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