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Does A Degree Matter?

As adolescents we were raised in a tradition of going to elementary school, middle school, high school and then college. The older we become we start to realize that life has other plans for us. We realize that it isn't necessarily about the degree you have but more about the experience you have. Most companies today would rather hire a person who is equipped to do the job. They do not want to hire someone that they would have to train or show the ropes to. Which if you ask me makes absolutely no sense because it leave me to question, why scream to go to college but not accept an employee who has their degree?


Millennials have taken these questions and ran with it. Today you see many Millennials talking more about being entrepreneurs, finding ways to really use their degree for their own businesses or projects. We are breaking the cycle of what isn't true, going to college doesn't make you anymore qualified than a person who didn't. To be honest, I feel as though in some cases it can make you less qualified. Again, a lot of companies would rather hire someone with the experience than without.

I believe that finding your purpose is way more important than making sure you go to college to obtain a degree you're not even sure that you want to use. If you are thinking that you want to attend college due to being the first of your family to graduate and have that experience then by all means please go. That is something I, myself regret. I wanted to attend an HBCU but not understanding the process of being a college student, I decided that after attending a technical school and later being kicked out that I would just follow my purpose and not worry too much about getting a degree. I just wish I would've stuck it out so when I become a parent I can have the tools and experience to give my children. But regardless, the position that I am in now when it comes to writing and being a voice for my community, I am happy about. I am excited about what else may come. What else will come. So if you're attending college because your dream is to become a doctor, lawyer, dentist or anything else that requires a college degree then DO IT just make sure that you're following your purpose and not the tradition.

If you have graduated this year, CONGRATULATIONS! I know it wasn't easy and it took a lot of work and patience with yourself but you made it and I can't be any prouder. Keep going & don't you dare give up.

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