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Just Do It...Like Nike

This interview with Le'Porschia was extremely special to me because I knew of everything she was doing, meaning I knew where she worked what her business consisted of but to sit down with her and ask the questions that I have been dying to know was a piece of pie.

Pork, something I have been calling her for years and most people call her, has not only graduated Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) but she graduated with TWO degrees. She made it known to me that completing college with a Masters degree was a goal of hers. That just wasn't her first goal but goal of many, she told me in our interview that the real reason behind getting her degree in business was to finish school for one of her family members who passed away.

"I asked my aunt what he wanted to do and she told me that he just wanted to carry around a briefcase. So that's what I did, I graduated in Business and carried that briefcase for him."

Pork made it known that she did not care about what others, including her family, had to say about her working in at footlocker even though she had those degrees in hand. For her, it was more about what made her happy and what she wanted to do. She had goals that she wanted to complete, that is where her true desires were being held. She was convinced that even though she had the degrees it didn't matter how many sites she was on jobs were still offering her less pay for what she was worth.

It was all a fluke, you do exactly what they and get these degrees but there will be no jobs trying to give you the BIG BUCKS.

Becoming a manager at Footlocker was a goal of hers, she is hoping that sometime in the future she could also own her own store. It also gives her an opportunity to learn the ends and outs of becoming a business owner when it comes to her business, 'Pigs Feet'.

Pork is exactly the definition of following your dreams. You can not allow the perceptions of others dictate how you live your life. Sometimes people are concerned or scared of where you're going because they know that they couldn't go their themselves. We have to learn that our life does not and will never consist of pleasing someone else whether that be family or whomever. Your life is your life and you have to do what's best for you at all times.

You can listen to this episode on my platform 'EXCEEDING while BLACK'. Also catch up on any episodes that you have missed.

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