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Roe v Wade Decision

I am disgusted. As I turn on my tv to listen to the news I stumble upon the decision of Roe v Wade and I realize that we no longer have the decision of having an abortion. Our choice is being taken away from us regardless of how we conceived. I am beyond heartbroken. I hurt for the women who are unable to abort due to being raped, unable to find help or not ready to be a parent. There are so many factors when it comes to the decision on why women are choosing to have abortions.

Some may argue that we need to consider who we are sleeping with or who we decide to be with but imagine a person being exactly who you want and then suddenly they turn into your worse nightmare. You have men manipulating women into being with them and having sex but when the woman becomes pregnant now they have disappeared. They are making decisions for our body and for what they deem as "correct". Where do we go from here? How can we make our voices heard in a world that is beyond cold and where we are NOT FREE?

Former President Trump states in his message to Fox News that God has now played a part in the decision that took place in the Supreme Court today...I am baffled. For many years it has been a battle on if our vote matters, why should we vote if it is based on the electoral college? Years, we have witnessed many moments where are voice was a mere whisper to the control that the American people have when it comes to the decisions that have been made for us. I am here to stand and to encourage you all to do your research to fight for the release of having our choice taken from us. I know some of you may not view it as your problem now or may not be as concerned as others but it is your fight too. It will become your fight when you suddenly have to make that decision for yourself of being a parent with someone that you barely know or being a parent by yourself. It's more than your body being at risk but your mental stability fighting against your beliefs and what you want.

We are looking at years of history being demolished due to the ruling of the Supreme Court today. Women upset and hurting at the fact that they no longer have a choice when it comes to what they do with their bodies. Now it's a matter on if women will be criminalized if they want to travel to another state just to get an abortion. Do you understand that this will affect more African American women than any other race? I am hurting at the questions and concern people are having due to the Court's lack of empathy when it comes to their American people. My question now is, what did women years ago truly fight for? It's a slap in their face that the law that women have fought so hard to gain is now being broken. To think, this is only the beginning. They have opened Pandoras box, we are hearing conversations when it comes to gay rights, gay marriage along with many other laws that have taken place over the years. This fight is only the beginning of many more to come. I encourage you all to vote, to place your voice where it can be heard and do not let up. Understand that it is going to take all of us to win back our choice but even that is not promised.

I have no more words to say because I am still trying to process it all but I am deeply hurt by the decision and honestly it truly makes me not want to have children. As much as I would love to have a family, I can not with stand the trauma that my children will have to endure just being on this earth while also being black. I am having trouble navigating through this life as it is. I am so sorry for the women who are hurting by this decision and I pray that whatever happens next you are blessed with the strength to keep going, to keep fighting.

I hope to learn more, to teach more and to share more. Right now, I am going to find ways to help change what has been done. I pray you do the same.

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