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The Comeback

When it’s time for you to take a step back and really pay attention to everything that is around you, DO IT. Don’t ask a lot of questions as to why because you won’t receive the answers that you are looking for. Instead take the moment to reevaluate your life, your dreams and your goals. Take the moment to consider all things because there just might be something missing.

I had to take that time, I had to step back and really re-evaluate everything. When I first talked myself into starting a podcast, I was excited. I was a little overwhelmed because I knew what I wanted to discuss, I knew what I wanted others to gain from my podcast, I knew all of the ends and outs when it came to the foundation of my platform but I didn’t know how to transform it into podcast material. I wasn’t sure if I would relate to my audience or if the discussions I want to have are just issues that are in my life. Also, it was a little awkward talking to myself and not hearing a response. Plus, I felt out of place during the two episodes I did drop. So when my sister approached me about an intensive course that was being hosted by a person who she admired, I looked into it. I was ignorant of how podcasts worked or how to attract an audience. The upside was that the lady who hosted the course had years in the podcasting world, so I knew it would be a wonderful opportunity to get the information I needed to educate me more on how to create a successful platform. Preparing for the interview with her made me extremely nervous. I was so terrified at the fact that I would forget who I am and why I think a podcast is for me. I was sweating up to my interview day, even hours before. I told myself that fear could not conquer me, not now. After stating that magical phrase…guess what? She loved me! The interview went well, we both ended the conversation laughing and we were so comfortable with each other. She didn’t even wait to let me know that I was accepted into her course (she only selected a few of people to work with her), she told me right then that she wanted to work with me and that I would be an awesome fit to her program. When I tell you everything that I have ever dreamed of came rushing to me in that moment. I felt beyond blessed, beyond capable of allowing my voice to finally be heard. I felt so gigantic in that moment because I knew that someone else understood me. Someone else understood what I was trying to bring to the table and now she is allowing me, giving me the tools to prepare my business and giving me a platform to share my voice in this big world. So I know your next question would be "well what happened?" I ended my podcast abruptly because I thought that in that time I wouldn't have time to record and still pay attention to the tools that she would be giving me. During the 5 weeks of the course, she was going to help us outline our ideas and also record episodes using her production. I knew I would come back better and I would feel better about my content and it being exactly what I envisioned. Fast forward, I sent out a few emails asking questions about the course and the price that I still never got a response for. I was literally heartbroken because 3 weeks flew by and I still haven’t dropped a new episode nor have I heard anything from her. I figured after weeks of no response that she just wasn't going through with the course anymore. So I decided since I was already gone for awhile that I would really take this time to gather my ideas and make sure I start putting things in motion. So long story short, I ended my last podcast because of what someone else told me they would do. It was a major lesson in my life because it made me realize that there is no one in this world that really cares about your project or your business the way that you are going to care about it. Place your energy in yourself. Most importantly, investment in yourself.

Here we are though. A new platform with better information and a better host. 'Exceeding while Black' is what I created based on my mission which is to take my community to a higher level (or at least try). To help them realize that their dreams who they want to be in this world can become a reality. This podcast will have interviews that will motivate you, encourage you and inspire you to look a little deeper into your life and all the things that you want to accomplish in this world. This podcast is for everyone BLACK but everyone is welcomed. But just like what my girl Issa Rae said, ‘I’m rooting for everybody black”.

So sit back and enjoy your stay because I will be here for long time, sharing the stories of my peers who are 'EXCEEDING while BLACK'.

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