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The Principal of the Game

Marcus King isn't just your ordinary coach but he is a man with a plan. I spoke with him about the benefits basketball has on the children and why he thinks that the skills that they learn on the court can also be used in their life.

We discussed his background when it comes to the game and the fact that he hasn't always just played basketball but even tried football for a spell.

"Funny story, I use to play football until I got the wind knocked out of me. Worse thing was I had asthma so after that it was my first and last time playing football."

Throughout his life, Marcus has always been the guy that wanted to see other people win. He encourages his kids to keep going and to never quit when it comes to basketball and to their life. That each obstacle that they have to go through in order to make that shot is the same energy that they should place when trying to reach their goals as well.

Being apart of B3 Academy has allowed him to be able to be that coach and so much more to his kids and make his way into changing his community, "One shot at a time".

It isn't just B3 that gave him the pathway to becoming who he is today but the brotherhood he has with his fraternity brothers. Although he is apart of a huge organization he makes sure that he doesn't let that define who he is.

"Being in a fraternity doesn't define who I am but it does show where I have been and who I can be. The support from my brothers has helped me get on the path of becoming who I am today."

Marcus King is walking in his purpose by giving himself a path to work with children and help guide them in their proper directions. His dream is to become a principal and give children more guidance and allow them to understand that their dreams can become reality if they constantly work towards it.

You can listen to the interview and more of the gems that Marcus gave us by clicking the link below.

Thank you again Marcus for continuing to be a light in the dark world. Keep shining.

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